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A Broader Focus

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while but was afraid to jump in – what would I write about? Would anyone read it? How would I even start?

Armed with the idea that my blog had to have a central theme, I chose to write about my quest to be a happier person. Happiness seems to be on many people’s mind’s lately – from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project to Britain’s newest endeavor to produce a national happiness index. People are opening up to the idea that mentality matters more than money.

However – ironically – trying to write about happiness was becoming a deterrent to happiness itself. It’s not the topic – it was the feeling that I couldn’t write about anything else. Two months in and my “theme” had become a brick wall. Forcing myself to write to stay on topic made me lose the most important piece of this blog: my voice.

Problem easily solved: The “theme” of this blog is no longer “me being happy” – it’s about how I’m “happy being me.”

More on that here.

I still plan on writing about happiness as I’m very committed to living the happiest life possible. However, I’ll no longer let that limit me. I’m more than one singular quest. There’s more going on in my life – more I want to write about, more I want to share. This blog is my wee corner of the internet, so I get to “decorate” it accordingly. Less rigidity, more Helena.