Upcoming Projects

Lately, I’ve been fit to burst. Too much creative energy, not enough time to get it all out. That’s about to change. I have some around-the-house projects that I want to tackle in the upcoming months. Of course, if I had an unlimited budget (both time and money) there are a million things I’d do. The bathroom, for instance… needs help. For now, I’m tackling the small things I know I can handle solo (I don’t do plumbing).

Here they are (in order of difficulty – not necessarily in the order in which they will be completed):

  1. Paint the frame of the bulletin board above my desk. It’s currently plain “wood” – likely MDF. It needs pretty-fication.
  2. Stencil the front of my white desk. I have grey paint left over from painting the walls, and I want to add some pizzazz.
  3. Hang a shaving/mascara mirror in the bathroom. He uses it to shave, I use it to apply mascara. Win/win.
  4. New pillow covers for the couch throw pillows. I have the fabric I’ll be using, so this project is ready to go.
  5. Make a new lampshade for the lamp on my desk. The current one is off-white (and wobbly – it refuses to sit straight). Lampshade-creation is fairly straight-forward – especially since I will keep the frame from the existing lampshade and just swap out the fabric.
  6. Replace the towel rack in the bathroom. The one right by the sink (where you would hang a hand towel) is preposterously large. It will be removed (and repurposed in the closet!) and a smaller (sleeker) one will be hung. This project involves drywall patching, so it’s not as simple as it should be.
  7. Upholster a chair in the bedroom. Yes, that’s right. Currently, we have an ugly-ish black “leather” armchair in the bedroom. It needs a nicer cover. Some extra padding would help, too. This weekend I picked up the upholstery fabric and batting I’ll be using – I’m really excited to start.

The biggest struggle for me with decorating and design is maintaining patience. I can’t afford to throw all my current furnishings away and start over and, for the most part, I want to do it myself. Therefore, it will be a slow process. An evolution.


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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