I Am: A Reader

Throughout my childhood, books could get me out of all manner of unsavory things. Naps, for instance, could be avoided if I promised to read quietly in my room. 

I got my first library card on a Kindergarten field trip and that following Summer I enrolled myself in the California Raisins Summer Reading Program. We went to the library regularly and I could check out as many books as I wanted. While this often ended in tears as books were lost in the abyss under my bed, it fostered a deep love of reading.

I was always aces at reading competitions. Remember BookIt? My school also did “Read to the Moon” where every page read brought us a mile closer to our celestial goal. I was personally responsible for quite a bit of our travel. I crushed annual reading goals.*

Reading also provided an escape. The Summer I moved to New York I buried myself in Baby-Sitter’s Club books from the local library. Lost in the adventures of Kristy and her friends, I didn’t could ignore my anxiety about starting a new school.

Currently, I’m rarely found without a book in my purse. In fact, I’ve been known to select purses specifically because they are sized right for book-carrying. I’m avid, insatiable, always looking to start the next story. I swap books with friends and family and online via BookMooch. When people tell me they don’t have time to read, I smile and turn back to my book.

Reading is my favorite pass time. Books are slowly taking over my home but, as I tell Will, there are worse addictions.

I am a reader. Reading is a crucial part of who I am.

*Sadly, my early zeal for reading had a dark side. My first instance of plagiarism was forging my mother’s signature on a form attesting to how much I’d read that week. The give away? I’d yet to learn capital letters in cursive.


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. I used to get away with staying up past my bedtime by reading. It was awesome.

    I’m one of those girls with a book in her purse at all times as well. You just never know when you might be able to grab a few minutes!

  2. I love the look of big floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with books. it’s one of my goals to have something like that in my future house. if you watch californication, hank has an awesome floor-to-ceiling bookcase in his house.

    anyways, i used to be a reading FIEND when I was younger! Baby-sitter’s club and Goosebumps were my personal favorites. 🙂 I fell off the wagon in college and when I was studying for the CPA exam, but I’ve been getting back on and it feels so good! I love reading! My hubs is an avid reader, as well. 🙂

    Lately, though, I’ve been reading too many nonfiction books (social media, personal development, etc.) Got any good fiction suggestions? 🙂

  3. Baby-sitters club – Amen! I was curious about your take on the kindle/nook craze? I just can’t do it – i like holding the book…and then who am i going to give it to after? i paid for it – i should just be able to give it someone – its mine to do with what i wish no? i think if the kindle versions were say 1$ i could get on board but for only a dollar or so cheaper i can’t.

    Also I loved your post about what you’d rather hear about than your job. I had the best of intention of responding….since you bring up reading again I will do it now! What I’m reading: What’s Eating Your Child by Kelly Dorfman (its work related, but oh so interesting, i try to switch of work books, which i enjoy – love to learn, and pure pleasure/guilty pleasure books) Where I’m headed: Brian and I are leaving the end of August for 2 weeks in London, Scotland and Paris – anxiety about leaving the little one, but oh so excited! What I’m eating: either really boring or really exciting depending on who you ask, I’m all about raw and organic and I tend toward vegan choices (I don’t claim vegan because I’m not strict at all but i do make the choice more times than not) my husband thinks this is totally bonkers and is not into “hippie food” but I love it! What I do for a living: I’m a chiropractic and I’m “one of those people” who LOVES their job. I’ve known for a long time this is what i wanted to do, i’m passionate about it (Brian loves that when I talk about it I get to fired up, both good and bad depending on the situation). What defines me more than my job is being a wife and mother (and sister, daughter and friend for that matter) but being a chiropractor is part of everything I do (not in a weird marketing way – i can’t stand those people who sit outside of groceries stores soliciting new patients), I make choices for myself and my family as holistically as possible and part of that is because of what i do. cheesy? sorry! now ya know more about me : )
    Love the questions and i think i’ll start asking them now instead of what do you do? You’re starting a revolution!

    • Oh my goodness, yes – I pass all my books along. I just can’t imagine doing a nook or anything right now. My mother loves her nook – she can get books from the library and there actually is a way to “lend” them to someone else. Meh. I’m still hard-copy.

      As for your job – that’s awesome that you’ve found something you love! It’s cool that you apply it to all elements of your life (like eating holistically, etc.).

      Paris, London, and Scotland will be VERY cool. I studied abroad in Paris, so I’m partial to that city, but London is another favorite. Is this your first trip to Europe? Just you and Brian or are Hilary and her husband coming?

  4. Charlotte campbell

    Just me and Brian….a belated baby moon (a term a can’t actually stand) of sorts. I have never been but he has. I’m sure he knows of lots a fun things to do but I made him promise we would do mostly things that are new to him too!

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