Decorating with Antlers

Lately, I’m loving the look of antlers on the wall.

No, I’m not going for lodge-chic in my urban loft condo. No, I’m not looking to start a trophy wall. I just love the fun, organic feel they add to a gallery wall:

{via The Architecture Blog}

I also love the idea of hanging a pair in my bedroom and using it to hold (some of) my necklace collection.

While I’m not even going to wade into the morality of hunting, I do wonder if it’s appropriate for someone like me – an urban non-hunter with a soft spot for animals – to decorate with animal “parts.” I don’t wear fur – should my home wear antlers? I’m torn.

My conscience is assuaged, however, by the array of cute fake ones available, like these resin gems from Graham and Green:

And hello, adorable cardboard ones from Cardboard Safari!

I’m even completely in love with Milly the Mousey Moose from the brilliant Etsy store Anatomically Incorrect Creatures. How adorable would she be in a nursery?

Thoughts? Is antler-art OK for animal lovers? Do you love it or hate it regardless?


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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