Bitter Body Image, Part 2

Yesterday, the problem. Today, my attempts at a solution.

Previous Attempts:

I don’t exactly have a list of diets I’ve tried as I’m loathe to even try anything too rigid.

I wouldn’t consider something carb-vilifying as brewing and drinking beer with my boyfriend is one of my favorite pass-times. Plus, sometimes I come home to fresh-baked bread. Any woman who comes home to fresh-baked bread and refuses to eat it because of the carbs it contains is no friend of mine.

I’ve had brief spats of I’m-not-eating-anything-until-I’m-thin! but they usually last about 12 hours and end with a headache and a box of animal crackers.

I tried Weight Watchers and had great success at the start, but wasn’t able to keep up with logging my food. Perhaps once I get an internet-enabled phone and fully join 2011 I’ll give it another go.

If the first trick to success in any great endeavor is to know oneself, I know that I can’t (and won’t) stick to any food plan that’s too glum. I drink beer. I love cookies. I know that to make these statements and then lament my waistline seems a little ignorant, but I know that food-restriction is not the answer.  (Ok, moderation may be part of the answer, but if I can’t have a beer and some cookies on the weekends, I quit).

The Plan:

While I know I can’t give up treats, I know I can work harder in the gym – or rather, to be cliché, work smarter. I’m blessed in that I build muscle tone rather easily (I come from good stock – my mother is a strong, toned former farm girl), but, left to my own devices, I am loath to pick up anything heavy. I get bored and distracted rather easily.

Solution: Personal Training.

Why haven’t I tried this before? Well, it’s kind of expensive, and I’m loathe to spend money on such things. Lately though, with Will’s help, I’ve realized that I’m worth the investment.

Today, I’ll be going in for my initial assessment. Training will start the week of the 11th (as I’m out-of-town for work the week of the 4th) and will consist of two sessions a week for the next six weeks. That, mixed with cardio done on my own, should give me a good jump-start. After that, I should know some tricks to keep myself going. I’m going to reassess every six months and reach out to a trainer again should I need more help.

I’m excited to start training and, well, a little proud of myself for not completely giving in to my inner critic. I’m sure her voice won’t be completely silenced; I’m not trying to suggest I’ve found some magic solution to body image issues. I’m excited to start training, though. Small victories.


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. How exciting! And I’m with you on the fresh-baked bread thing 🙂

  2. i love that you’re going to try a personal trainer. I’ve thought about it, but never quite had the gumption to do it– fearing that he or she would be mean like a middle school gym teacher.

    I can’t wait to read about your experiences. As they used to say: “you go girl!”

  3. “Lately though, with Will’s help, I’ve realized that I’m worth the investment.”

    You definitely are! I would love to have a personal trainer again. I have to pay off that pesky credit card debt before I can even consider it, though. Motivation!

  4. From a “toned” former farm girl – great blogs – enjoyed both. Using a personal trainer is great – I enjoyed one that I had for a while

  5. Definitely keep us updated! I’ve been sort of kind of looking at starting with one as well. In planning a wedding, I’ve realized the only thing (as vain as it sounds) that’s on my “I really really care about this” list, (aside from my parents and grandmother seeing me get married) is that I want to look like a rockstar in my wedding dress.

    So go get ’em girl!

    • That sounds completely reasonable, lady! I can imagine I’d want to feel the same way!

    • The one thing I am proud of is that I looked awesome in my wedding dress. 🙂 That was the thinnest I’ve been in my entire post-pubescent life.

      But I’m now dangerously close to the “get married, get fat” stereotype 😛

      And you will look awesome, too. 🙂

  6. Great work Helena! I’m in total agreeance, I have no time for anything that prohibits dessert. I am a huge fan of exercise but it’s very true what they say about finding something that you enjoy doing. To begin with losing weight is motivation enough but I found the thing that has kept me exercising is not how it makes me look but how it makes me feel – energised, calm, fit, strong. Good luck, enjoy yourself, stick at it!


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