Covet: Lipstick

“Most girls your age prefer lip gloss,” the consultant assures me. I smile and continue to shop for lipsticks.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of lip balm; living through Chicago winters requires several tubes. However, when it comes to fun versus functional lip-wear, I want color. I want reds-too-red-for-my-complexion. I want bright pinks, corals, browns, berries.

I’m not looking for a color that will last all day. In fact, I prefer to watch it slowly wear off. I smile when I see the mauve lip-print on my coffee cup every morning. I laugh as I wipe circles of scarlet from my boyfriend’s cheek.

Mostly, I love reapplying. I love retrieving the sleek, black tube from my purse, twisting the base until the color emerges, and running it across my lips. Blot and go. With one small action I can make a big change, if not in my appearance then in my self-perception. Helena-with-bold-lips is confident, coy, and commanding. Self-aware and self-assured.

I’m presently (and always) loving the heck out of Benefit’s Silky Finish Lipstick. I adore all things Benefit – The packaging! The colors! – and am currently rocking the “My Treat” shade (at the recommendation of a very friendly saleslady). I believe it’s a 2010 color, so while you can’t completely copy my recommendation, I stand by all their products, so go explore.

I’m also coveting NARS Pure Matte Lipstick. I’ve always been a “matte” rather than a “shiny” girl. Those years in early high school when glitter nailpolish was all the rage were deeply painful for me. I think NARS read my mind.

Thoughts on lipstick? Any brands you’d recommend?

 {In further news, I think I’m going to start sharing items I love/covet each Thursday. A little series, if you will}


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. Oooh! I am a huge Benefit fan as well! I am a sucker for their packaging. I’m more of a gloss/balm girl, so I don’t really have any lipstick recommendations, but I did buy some from Victoria’s Secret (of all places) and found their color selection of both lipsticks and gloss to be really fun.

  2. Hey. Randomly reading your blog. 🙂 hehe. Just wanted to join in with lipstick LOVE. While I wear plenty of lipgloss, there is nothing like opening a tube of lipstick. Creamy and smooth. If I don’t have lipstick with me when I sing, oh man. That sucks.
    I have to try the benefit and nars you recommend! I have an estee lauder tube that I love. Super creamy. I also really like lancome lipstick. Anyway, those are my faves.

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