I Heart Pinterest

At this point, the internet-cat is out of the internet-bag. However, I still want to join the masses and stand up and shout, “I Heart Pinterest!”

What is Pinterest?

With the help of a wee download, Pinterest allows you to “pin” inspiring bits and bobs you find about the internet to online “boards” and then share these boards with the community. It’s an online inspiration board. I currently have fourteen boards – one for each room of the house (kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom inspiration) and other miscellany. Feel free to follow along.

While organizing your own pins is fun, scrolling through those of online friends and tastemakers can take up the better part of the afternoon. When you see something you like on someone else’s boards, you can “like” it, comment on it, or “re-pin” it to your own board. The name of the original pinner (and, more importantly, a link to the site hosting the original image) are retained.

When I first heard about Pinterest many moons ago, I was quick to jump in. See, I’ve been Pinterest-ing since before Pinterest existed. Here’s how it works, old-school style:

1. Look! Something nifty in a magazine!

2. Quick! Get the sissors!

3. Glue Stick!

4. Now I have it forever!

With Pinterest, I can now do all that with the click of a mouse. Technology, eh? I will likely always be cutting and gluing bits from magazines into notebooks. I’m tactile like that. Pinterest, however, will be my online notebook.


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. Awesome! I have never heard of Pinterest before but I will definitely have to check it out now. Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’ve been lurking around Pinterest all spring. It is fascinating.

    I bet that with your “background” in gluestick + mag clipping you’ll have one of the best pages [walls? accounts?] around. 😉

  3. I kind of completely love that you have a spiral-bound idea scrapbook. You make me want to have one! But I’m like…allergic to crafts.
    Yes, even that constitutes a craft for me.

    • Ha. I have all kinds of craft intentions and about 98% never get beyond the “acquire supplies” phase. The notebook is the one thing I’m able to keep up.

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