Craft Beer Week

For the uninitiated, we are now in the midst of Chicago Craft Beer Week. As new homebrewers and lovers of all things craft beer, Will and I knew we had to attend some of the festivities. Our event of choice: Craft Day Afternoon.

This event was a dream. On arrival, we we were each given a souvenir tasting cup and a menu. Forty-five different beers were set up in stations at the bar, in the beer garden, and upstairs. The serious taster could easily track which selections they’d sampled and plan what to try next.

I was delighted to discover the first beer by Chicago’s new 5 Rabbit Brewery. Their American Blonde Ale was crisp and clean with a smooth, honey aftertaste. Very drinkable – by both craft aficionados and neophytes alike. Bottles will be available in stores on June 1, so I will definitely be enjoying this beer all Summer. As the nation’s first Latin microbrewery, 5 Rabbit has the potential to bring many new flavors to the craft brew scene.  A brewery representative spoke to us about upcoming lines including a white beer flavored with passion fruit for summer and another featuring chilis. You can bet I’ll be drinking both. Plus, they are local (to me at least, but you should try them out wherever you are)!

Another favorite was a tart cherry ale by a local homebrewer. The beer contains two different kinds of cherries and has been aging since 2008. 

Like with any hobby or past-time, it was fun to spend the afternoon with like-minded individuals. (Also, while I never advocate faking an interest in something to get a guy’s attention, I’d like to let all Chicago area beer-loving ladies know that the guy-to-girl ratio at this event was at least 5-to-1.)


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Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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