Best Day Ever

Today, my friends, is epic. EPIC.


Because my sister, Kerry, is now an official resident of the City of Chicago.  That’s right, Minnesnowta, cry your wee little eyes out.

To say I’m crazy-excited would be an understatement. Kerry and I haven’t lived in the same town since the days when we shared (and fought over) a bathroom. After graduating from High School, Kerry made her way to the Frosty North and has been there for the past eight years.

No longer.

Kerry will now live literally around the corner. Not “literally” like “I was literally about to freak out and die if Molly won Top Model.” Literally for real. Literally like:

I have big plans for Kerry’s first Chicago Summer. It’s kind of all I’ve talked about since the decision to relocate was made. Every time I go to a restaurant I look at the menu for non-meat items and, in the case that there is more than one, make a mental note to take Kerry there. We are going to go to many a street festival (except Taste of Chicago because that one is nutters and full of slow-walkers and always on the hottest day of the year and I hate it). We’ve talked about having a weekly “running date” and going to see Something Borrowed. 

Mostly, however, we are just going to hang out. With her living in another state, visiting one another had become an “Event” – full days were planned right down to when and where we’d go to dinner. As one of us had either taken a plane or sat in a car for six hours to see the other, there was the feeling that the time spent together had to be almost structured. Now, with her LITERALLY RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, if I want to invite her over for beers and bad TV, I can. We can just be lazy together.

I’m so excited to get this chance to get to know Kerry better now that we are both “adults” and for us to become even closer friends.


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. I’m very excited for you. My sister lives just up the street (45 mins, which in LA time is actually just up the street) and its the greatest thing EVER. Enjoy every second of sister time…there is nothing like it (I know you know that, i’m just sayin’).

  2. That’s so great! I LOVE your crying Minnesota pic! So cute =)

    I have two sisters who live near me now, but one lived in NYC for a while and I never got to see her cuz she was so busy! I love having her nearby again.

    • Ha, thanks, I enjoyed making that little crying MN. Yay for MS Paint. Kerry was over last night for dinner – it’s so nice to just be able to hang out.

  3. Reading this made me so happy! I am so excited for our sister time.

  4. Also, at first I thought your second drawing was arrows not homes and I was like “wait is Helena saying she is more excited than me?”.

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