What Would Kate Middleton Do?

Yes, yes, I know that she is not really just plain-ol’ “Kate Middleton” anymore, but WWCDOCPWOWD (What Would Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess William of Wales Do?) is a little tedious. Besides, Kate proved herself an icon before amassing any titles.

So, blah blah, you are over the Royal Wedding. Whatever. You know you saw that dress and you know it was amazing. While my own life may never require a 9-foot train, the newly-minted Duchess is always perfectly attired. She is, to me, the epitome of polish. I may not want to be her (I have my own William, thankyouverymuch), but I would gladly accept her cast-off clothing… assuming they had been let out a foot or so, of course.

This past week was an example of what the aforementioned Middleton would NOT do. For example, Kate Middleton would not wear a purple fleece jacket over her suit. Kate Middleton would not leave her suit jacket unbuttoned in the hopes that it looked “jaunty” as opposed to screaming “this jacket doesn’t really fit so much anymore but I’m too self-absorbed to admit that I’ve gained weight and besides, suit-shopping is mega-boring at any size.”  Well, Kate probably doesn’t have to deal with gaining weight or the tedium of shopping for affordable clothing. Regardless.

{via the wonder-fun Kate Middleton for the Win}

I presently covet The Perfect Trench Coat. Said coat would likely be khaki. It would also nip in at the waist and stay so with the help of a belt of some kind. It would have lovely buttons and come down to just above the knee. Oh, and it would be “reasonably priced.” This is an epic quest, my friends. Epic. I bought a light-blue trench coat once, but whilst I was modeling it for a then-roommate, the look on her face had me taking it straight back to Macy’s. I’ve worn the purple fleece since.

As a grown-up (ish), business lady (of sorts), a classy, timeless trench seems a rational thing to crave. HRH Kate is probably not the only person who would look askance at someone wearing a fleece jacket over a suit. While no one in Chicago should be allowed to comment on anyone else’s outdoor gear between the months of December and March, fleeces are “Spring” gear. At this point, outerwear is more a matter of warding off a mild chill than survival.

My beloved purple fleece represents convenience more than anything else. I (clearly) already own it, it fits, and it does the job. However, perhaps it’s time to put more thought into projecting a more polished, Middleton-ian image.


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Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. Whenever I help friends clean out their closets, I try to get them to realise that the only things — the only things — that they should own should make them feel fabulous when they wear it.

    Just a little something to strive for!

    Also, perhaps you should organise a clothing swap? 🙂

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