I am not a Dork

I have a subscription to Elle Decor.  I regularly read House Beautiful. I save West Elm catalogs to read as though they were magazines. I follow several home-decorating blogs and Twitter accounts. Basically, I’m a lover of all things interior design. It wasn’t always this way. It started last summer, shortly after purchasing my condo. I’ve lived in apartments for years, but now I can paint the walls! I’ve discussed moving a wall! I’m planning on completely re-doing the bathroom! It’s mine, and I want it to be beautiful.

When I say that I “read” home decor magazines, I mean that I study them like text books. I pour over every page to determine not only if I like a certain design but why. I then interrupt whatever my boyfriend is doing to point out couch cushions, paint colors, and gallery walls using terms like “organic form” and “diamond tufting.” (He’s a good sport). Afterward, the photograph inspiring the interruption is ripped from the magazine or catalog and glued into a notebook where I store my “inspiration.” Once the glue dries, I scribble an explanation of what exactly I like about the photo.

Generally, if I was to meet you in person and tell you about this hobby/obsession, I’d preface the discussion with, “I’m a dork.”



Why am I so ready to put myself down? Having interests doesn’t make someone a “dork” – it makes them interesting.

I’m not a dork. I’m a woman of many interests.


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. I proudly call myself a dork. I don’t see it as putting myself down – though I prefer the term ‘geek’. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, it’s definitely not ALWAYS a put-down. I mention it because I do use it in that way (self-depreciating) when describing some of my interests.

  2. I don’t see “dork” as a put-down, necessarily. I mean, it can certainly be said in a mean or cruel fashion, but I often use it in a jokey-loving sort of way.

    Actually, though, I would say you’re a design nerd or geek. And neither of those is a bad thing, IMHO — it means you have a deep interest in/love for the subject.

    But of course, if you saying “I’m a dork” is a way of apologizing for being interested in it — then by all means stop saying it. Because nobody should have to apologize for their interests. (Well. Within reason.)

    • Ha, it’s funny to me that “dork”/ “nerd/ “geek” all have different connotations. I was thinking about Lindsay’s comment above (where she mentioned a preference for “geek”) – I have a preference for “nerd”. Either way, I need to stop using it as an apology for my ecclectric interests, as you mention.

      • Matthew has an xkcd panel on his yelp profile that basically says that the only people who care about the distinction between nerd and geek are…. the nerds and geeks. 🙂

  3. I think sometimes when we feel that we are so passionate about something about which other people don’t really care, we tend to qualify that with the “I’m a dork” phrase. I do it too. But you’re right! That’s just one thing that makes you YOU, and an interesting person with hobbies. If that means being a dork, then I’m right there with you. Only my dorkiness is in a different area.

  4. Elizabeth Young

    There is nothing wrong with “being a dork”. Only those who have no passion see it as a negative thing. Embrace it and love it!

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