Envy as a Template

There are a few people in my life whom I envy quite a bit. I’m not talking about envying what they have, I’m talking about envying who they are. You can always purchase a similar purse, for instance, but you can’t buy fearlessness.

Specifically, I envy this girl l I’ve known since college. To me at least, her life seems like one big adventure. Most recently, she’s been all over southeast Asia and various Pacific islands in between. Even when she’s here in the US, she’s all over the place; beaming at me through the computer screen from Maine, Michigan, and Vegas. To top it off, she’s universally well-loved (as she should be, she’s sweet as pie).

Sure, you can never really know what is going on in someone else’s life. It would be easy to suggest that my friend might have many layers of discontent in her life that aren’t as visible to the public. However, I don’t want to play that game. Rather than bring her down to make myself feel better in comparison, I want to bring myself up to her level (or, at least, where I perceive her to be). I want to pinpoint what it is about her that I envy and try to incorporate that into my life.

Mostly, I envy her travels. Budget concerns and other responsibilities keep me from jetting around the globe, but perhaps I can incorporate her general sense of adventure. I live in a large city, so there is plenty to explore locally. I’m going to make a list of five “new to me” places in Chicago (suggestions welcome!) and make it a priority to see them before the end of the Summer.

Chicago Adventure List:

  1. The Garfield Park Conservatory. How have I not been here yet?
  2. Visit to (and possible picnic at) Promontory Point.
  3. … to be continued …

About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. Good for you Helena!!

    I have been around the globe may times but the gems you find are mostly close to home. Unless you live in another country everyday for months, you will never speak with as much conviction as you will from your own backyard.

    Write a top-5 round up travel article and submit it to your local paper!!

  2. I like that you feel envy, not jealousy. I have to remind myself to have the former, not the latter, when I look at others’ lives. But it’s a good catalyst for change!

    • Yeah, I’ve found that “jealous” is usually construed as negative when the feeling isn’t always a bad thing (especially when it inspires change, as you said!)

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