The “Perfect” Blog

Yesterday, I was so frustrated that I almost cancelled my plans to meet a friend for cupcakes.

To be specific, I was frustrated with this blog.

Blogging – and all it entails – is new to me. I’m still testing out all the different formatting options available through WordPress and various add-on packages. As you may notice today, we have a new background and color scheme. Anyone who visited the site yesterday likely saw something change (font, size, color) every time the screen refreshed.

So why would fonts make me crazy? Because I want everything to be perfect. I want this blog to look nice. I want to be a champion at HTML and design pretty lay-outs and… basically be an instant-genius at all things blog. All this (self-inflicted) pressure was making me quite unhappy. The only “happy” thing about being unhappy is that I’ve committed myself to taking the time to unravel these feelings (and share them with you).

On my way to the bakery (I would never actually cancel plans involving friends and cupcakes), I realized that I need to give myself time. It’s OK not to know how to do things yet (I just started!). There are resources available to help me learn HTML and WordPress – it will come. I will figure this out. That said, the background colors and fonts may change a few more times as I learn how to “beautify” my blog.

Perfect” src=”″ alt=”” width=”300″ height=”63″ />

Even if I do become a WordPress wizard, I want to abandon the quest for “perfect” as it is sure to lead to more unhappiness (and defeat the entire purpose of this blog).

Regardless, blogging about happiness should never interfere with actual, real life happiness (and nothing should ever interfere with cupcakes).


About Helena

Helena lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and two cats. Her boyfriend thinks she's awesome. Her cats agree.

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  1. “Perfect is the enemy of the good.”–my boyfriend

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